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Welcome to Fuelmate

Fuel Dynamics P/L is the manufacturer and distributor of Fuelmate, and offers sales and service on the NSW mid north coast. Our re-seller network is Australia-wide and growing.

If you are interested in re-selling Fuelmate units, or you want to buy a Fuelmate but are unable to find a re-seller in your local area, contact Ross Turner at Fuel Dynamics.

The Fuelmate is a tin-based fuel catalyst. It uses the release of microscopic tin alloy particles into fuel to create a catalytic reaction. This produces an extended and more complete combustion with the reduction of harmful emissions.

The benefits as reported by our customers are:

  • Improves fuel economy
  • Lowers emissions
  • Increases power
  • Increases torque
  • Cleaner engine oil
  • Reduces pinging and guards against valve recession
  • Enables leaded engines to run on unleaded fuel

There's no magic - Fuelmate doesn't try to change the fuel itself - it adds the tin catalyst to produce a more controlled and complete combustion.

Fuelmate works exceptionally well in petrol, diesel and LPG applications. Fuelmate protects the engine when using ethanol blends and assist the performance of biodiesel. We have units for everything from lawn mowers to Mack trucks so whatever your requirements, we have you covered.

Do yourself, your vehicle and the environment a favour.

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2004 VY Commodore Station Wagon
As a Sale Representative … I do a lot of highway travel and have noticed a 13% increase in fuel economy on the first tank of fuel after I had a Fuelmate installed. I also noticed a marked increase in power during acceleration. I would not hesitate to recommend a Fuelmate to any commercial traveller.
Steve Foye, Cassegrain Wines


We're looking for re-sellers
If you're interested, contact Ross on 0428 424 849


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